Junk Car Removal Burnaby

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Remove Your Old Car in Burnaby, BC

Don’t just let it sit there! Our junkyard will pick up your scrap car anywhere within the greater Burnaby area – FREE! Call, text, or fill out our online form for a free, no-obligation quote.

Money Paid for ALL Unwanted Cars in Burnaby

Living in Burnaby isn’t always cheap. Many local people, maybe even you, try to save money by driving a car for as long as possible, pouring money into repairs and running the risk of breaking down and getting stuck on the already-traffic jammed Kingsway. If you’re in that situation, or perhaps you have an old junk car, SUV, or truck that doesn’t perform anymore, take advantage of the opportunity to get paid cash for it instead. We know that cash is something everyone in British Columbia could use.

Consider what you could do with cash payment instead of your old junk vehicle! You could use that money for a down payment on a new car so you won’t have to drive around the crowded Burnaby streets wondering if you’ll break down anymore. Or maybe you’ll use the cash for other wish-list items like Canucks tickets, a BC Lions game, a trip to Whistler with the family, or a quick getaway out of YVR.

If you have scrap car in the center of the city, north Burnaby, South Burnaby or around the Metrotown area you can call us for a rapid removal service.