Coquitlam Car Removal


Scrap Cars Collected from Coquitlam BC, V3B

Your  quest for the perfect  Scrap car removal in Coquitlam will manifest itself after you call (604) 765-1576. We offer cash for scrap cars from Coquitlam  and can often collect on the same day. If you have a junk car in Coquitlam please call now on (604) 765-1576  to find out how much we can pay you for it, or use the contact form here.

As well as scrap cars from Coquitlam we also offer the following:

  • Buy  end off life, undriveable Cars all over Coquitlam area
  • Recover Broken Down Vehicles across Coquitlam
  • Sometimes Buy Scrap Metal from all Coquitlam addresses

Providing the Tri-Cities area with professional, fast and eco-friendly junk auto removal services.

Our philosophy is simple, offer the absolute best customer service anywhere, and recycle more cars than anybody else. That’s how we started our company and things have not changed that much today. 


The vast number of scrap yards in your area offer drive in service only. If your old vehicle is undriveable and disabled, you have no means of getting the car to a scrap yard. Local Roadside Assistance companies like BCAA do not tow to scrap yards. This is why we offer FREE SCRAP CAR TOWING. We will send a tow truck to your home or office and pay you cash for your junk car and tow it away


Any number of tow truck operators in the area may pose as scrap yards. Be cautious when dealing with unlicensed individuals who act as scrappers. These operators do not follow any BC environmental codes and ethics and pollute our local environment by illegally dumping fluids like engine oil. transmission oil and antifreeze directly into city drains, ground, rivers and lakes.


Hi guys, As scheduled your tow truck showed up on time and did a marvelous job. Adam and Neil were the two men who handled my job. They both were great. They Were exceptionally courteous and professional. This is the second time I have used Scrap Car Removal Coquitlam and every time the blokes have been great. Thanks for the excellent service. 

Matt, Barnet Highway Coquitlam, BC V3B 5R5 

Providing FREE Pick Up and junk car disposal services to the following areas, including:

V3B 0A2, V3B 0A3, V3B 0A4, V3B 0A5, V3B 0A7, V3B 0A9, V3B 0B1, V3B 0B2, V3B 0B3, V3B 0B5, V3B 0B7, V3B 0B8, V3B 0B9, V3B 0C1, V3B 0C2, V3B 0C3, V3B 0C4, V3B 0C5, V3B 0C6, V3B 0C9, V3B 0E1, V3B 0E2, V3B 0E3, V3B 0E5, V3B 0E6, V3B 0E8, V3B 0G1, V3B 0G2, V3B 0G3, V3B 0G5, V3B 0G7, V3B 0H3, V3B 0H4,  V3B 0J1, V3B 0J2, V3B 0J3, V3B 0J5, V3B 0L2, V3B 0M9, V3B 0N2, V3B 1A1, V3B 1A3, V3B 1B7, V3B 1B8,  V3B 1B9, V3B 1C1, V3B 1C2, V3B 1C5, V3B 1C6, V3B 2H6, V3B 2K4, V3B 2K5, V3B 2M2, V3B 2N2, V3B 2P4, V3B 2P5, V3B 2P6, V3B 2P7, V3B 2P8, V3B 2P9, V3B 2T2, V3B 2T5, V3B 2T6, V3B 2V3, V3B 2V5, V3B 2V6, V3B 2V7, V3B 2V8, V3B 2V9, V3B 2W1, V3B 2W2, V3B 2W3, V3B 2W4, V3B 2W7, V3B 2X5, V3B 2X6, V3B 2X7